ZebraEdu Products

Existing products for educational and promotional purpose:

Themed cartoon book:

Keith’s Zebrafish adventure. The story is about that Keith,the scientist has a magical underwater adventure with a zebrafish couple (Zelda and Baron). It brings out complex scientific knowledge of zebrafish and general biology in a fun and stimulating manner.


We have been developing the cartoon book into animation. The trailer has been finished.

Video Game

A simple Q&A session on the basic zebrafish knowledge followed by a fish transporting exercise.

Laboratory manual

It has introduced and summarized the application of zebrafish in research and science promotion in Macao within the last dozen years. It has also integrated systematic experimental tutorials. We hope that students can learn biotechnology and medical knowledge through zebrafish and even learn to use it to design and practice their own research projects.

Basic zebrafish laboratory equipment

Petri dish

6/12/96 well plates
Pasteur pipette.


Stationaries (ruler & pencil)

Plush dolls of Zelda and Baron

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