ZebraEdu Workshops

Keith’s Zebrafish Adventure Workshop (6 days program)

Activity description:This zebrafish themed activity will discuss different scientific knowledge through the zebrafish adventures book, animation, educational videos and games. It allows participant to understand the complicated knowledge easily in a fun and interactive way.
Activity type: workshop/ family activity
Activity participants: Age 6-12
Activity size:20 students
STEAM class scheduleSTEAM class schedule
Chapter 1
Zebrafish babies under a microscope
Introduction of the story book “Keith’s zebrafish adventure” and observation of zebrafish larvae under microscope.
Chapter 2
DIY micro-ecological system
Introduction of the principle of ecosystem by creating your own micro-ecosystem with creativity.
Chapter 3
Genes in a bottle
Introduction of inheritance using different zebrafish models and DNA extraction.
Chapter 4
Magical brine shrimp
Introduction of brine shrimp and observation of the effects of different substances on brine shrimp.
Chapter 5
DIY blueberry pH indicator and molecular food
Introduction of the basics of pH (acid/base) using blueberry to make pH indicator and preparation of molecular food using edible sodium alginate.
Chapter 6
Keith’s zebrafish laboratory and ecology tour
Tour to research laboratory and ecology habitat.
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